Launching Bayards Vertiport Solutions

It's official... BAYARDS VERTIPORTS is here

It's official... BAYARDS VERTIPORTS is here

After three years of working in the UAM industry as a special task force of Bayards Aluminium Construction Group, we are proud to announce Bayards Vertiport Solutions is now an independent company. With a self-explanatory name, lots of experience and a growing team, we aim to accelerate the developments in the UAM ecosystem worldwide by providing vertiports for any e-VTOL. Benefitting from a start-up mindset and backed by Bayards' 35 years of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing landing platforms, Bayards Vertiport Solutions unveils a unique value proposition by positioning itself as the infrastructural problem solver. Give us the location and the types of aircraft you intend to use; we will design, engineer, manufacture, and install your vertiport anywhere in the world. Bayards Aluminium Constructions Group has installed 650 + helidecks worldwide. We couldn't have asked for a better mentor as all their expertise and in-house R&D, engineering, production facilities, and privately owned machine parks will be utilised to enable UAM operations. By using Bayards' vast experience, we can drive the developments in the UAM industry by providing worldwide infrastructure for e-VTOLs. Not in 10 years, not in 5, but Tomorrow. Our vision is for everyone to land on a Bayards vertiport!

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VoloPort: Unlocking Urban eVTOL Operations

VoloPort: Unlocking Urban eVTOL Operations

Nieuw- Lekkerland 9th December - Bayards Vertiport Solutions, the newest company of the Dutch Bayards Construction Group and the German Urban Air Mobility pioneer Volocopter have announced today that they had completed the second phase of their collaboration, aimed at creating a new infrastructure for operating air taxies in traffic-congested megacities. As a result, the new Voloport design handbook will be released for the physical infrastructure supporting electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft operations. 

The new concept:

The VoloPort The VoloPort Solution is a ready-made, compact, and functionally independent urban vertiport concept to accelerate the development of urban eVTOL infrastructure, expediting the public adoption of UAM and expanding its ecosystem in megacities. The VoloPort can be time- and cost-effectively modified to various business sizes, target customer groups, and aircraft operations, requiring minimal infrastructure footprint, especially in densely populated urban settings. Its modular design featuring a combination of prefabricated materials allows construction to start as small as 25m x 25m (625 sq m while ensuring a safe and accommodating space for both eVTOL operators and passengers. Additional landing pads and workspace can be implemented, as required.

Bayards Vertiports has designed the take-off and landing platform with a high friction surface and ensured the structural engineering of the aluminium support structure, including outfitting solutions such as firefighting and lighting systems. Due to the low weight of the landing area and support structure limits the forces on buildings, and the skid is designed to adapt to any building.

Dies Mackintosh, CEO Bayards Group:

"This cooperation is another important step towards the emergence of Urban Air Mobility in the most traffic-congested cities in the world. We are delighted to be part of this team and to leverage our expertise in urban heliports, as it has the potential to lead to safely unlocking electric aircraft accessibility in cities sooner than previously anticipated.”

The VoloPort handbook is based on a thorough assessment of the infrastructure and its operational concept. The findings lay the groundwork for future cooperation between companies and city municipalities whose aim is to ultimately improve the quality of life through urban mobility.

Parties interested in UAM infrastructures, such as cities and municipalities, investors, businesses, or construction companies, are eligible to request this handbook from Volocopter, by submitting a request at Bayards Vertiports and Volocopter have collaborated with trusted and well-known partners and architects to achieve the modular design with a high level of functionality:

GRAFT Gesellschaft von Architekten GmbH: architecture and customer journey design.

Arup B.V.: technical infrastructure planning, drawing on aviation expertise and the sustainability concept. ]

This collaboration is in-line with our vision for the future. We want to empower our UAM partners to thrive in this rapidly evolving market in the years ahead. To succeed faster than ever before. Get to know us and let's make it happen together!

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