Weight reduction, corrosion resistance & durability.

Sustainability forces you to think outside the box, to find a more feasible, durable and cost-effective solution. Many steel, concrete and even wood vertiport designs are circulating on the market. Why do we think aluminium is the perfect choice for vertiports? We have been monitoring the life cycles of our 65 urban heliports build for the last 35 years, and we know what works. Aluminium has numerous advantages over other materials like steel and wood, but they can all be condensed into three main areas: weight reduction, corrosion resistance and durability.

Weight reduction. Although the density of steel is three times higher than the density of aluminium, aluminium has three times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel. Therefore, aluminium structures can be up to 60% lighter than their steel equivalents, saving high costs in supporting structures. An additional beneficial consequence of this weight reduction is that no heavy lifting equipment is required, thus saving costs on installation and transportation of the installation team's materials. Less transport, less fuel consumed, less pollution generated, fewer costs involved, less Co2.

Corrosion resistance. Steel corrosion is a predictable consequence of exposure to moisture and oxygen that can cripple steel structures. Aluminium, however, forms a cohesive surface oxide that prevents any further reaction with the environment. As a result, no painting, surface treatment or other maintenance is required. It is, therefore, safe to say that because of its excellent environmental resistance, aluminium has a considerable cost-saving potential over steel. 

Durability. Throughout the supply chain, sustainability is the mindset we all share. Aluminium perfectly complements this way of thinking, as the material is exceptionally durable. As opposed to steel, aluminium can be easily recycled, which is beneficial to the environment. In addition, it lasts significantly longer than steel (aluminium structures always outlive their foundational steel platforms), thus contributing to cost reduction.

Why Aluminium ?

By choosing aluminium both weight and maintenance costs can be reduced while simultaneously increasing durability and design possibilities

a few reasons...

Because aluminium is lightweight, urban proof and highly durable, it has a considerable cost-reducing potential. However, the potential aluminium offers are not limited to cost reduction. In addition, it offers the opportunity for innovative vertiports that can be integrated into the current infrastructure, enabling more investments in the longevity and security of E-VTOL operations well into the future.
Because of its formability and versatility, several complementary structures varying from lounge areas to stair towers and gangways to handrails and walkways can be constructed in addition to the landing areas. Thus, by choosing aluminium both weight and maintenance costs can be reduced while simultaneously increasing durability and design possibilities.